Dreams Come True Through Actions Of The Dreamer

When I woke up this morning , my first impulse was to jot down snippets of what I had dreamed of. This has not always been a habit of mine , but as I have grown older I have noticed that my dreams actually give me insight into my thoughts . I also think dreams are guides to my life’s path and can lead me in the challenges of the day . The thoughts that we experience daily have a chance to come alive when we are in that state of deep sleep with no pressure pushing on us to go one way or another. All in my being removed from the hustle of the moment does my mind have time to contemplate what I really want and what I really see going on around me. The true me , with real ambitions , real worries , and most of all real plans to make a difference.

Thinking back into history I find that most of the great leaders ruled by their dreams . They had advisors to give them meaning to their dreams to make decisions which were deemed important . The task of ruling involve making decisions that effected the lives of his people as well as himself. Some times the weight of the problems of the day cannot be solved in spur of the actions but in deliberate thought and we have no way of knowing if the path we take are the right one. Dreams are a way of giving us options in which we don’t compute instantly but are there all tucked away in our minds waiting to be unleashed . Out of everything we are taught , it has no value if do not know how to apply it correctly . Dreams give us clarity in a way that has to be applied to action that brings the thoughts into play. when thoughts are applied dreams become true .

Trust in your dreams to give you insight into yourself , as with knowing yourself is the first step into having confidence in your actions. If you dream of financial success than follow the path that is laid out in the dream . If you dream of tragedy than take the steps to avoid what you see coming . your dreams will come true actions of you the dreamer . Jot them down, think them through, take the action to make them come true.

To stare and wonder at the sunset is no joy , but to go into the sunset and live give joy and pleasure just for knowing it was your choice alone .

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