Stepping Up To Investor

Actually who is an investor? While growing into my years I have always wondered how is that 30 year old can accrue massive wealth over a short period of time without being born into a family of wealth. Yet , every year I hear of a story of a 25 year old self made millionaire that was living on the brink of poverty the year before. How did he began stepping up to investor from nothing to invest? What system did he stumble on to give the break away from living on the edge ? Why can’t I be so lucky to find the golden egg in which I spend so much energy and time doing what I believed was the right thing. Going to school , Finding a job, working long hours and really saving when I can. Applying all that I was being taught , making money, but never gaining that level of comfort in which I could sit back and enjoy life for what it has to offer me. Never getting to the point where I could afford to invest a hundred to get a thousand three months down the road.

Stepping up to investor became a challenge to me . A challenge that not only change my life but woke me up to knowing myself. You see while searching for the golden egg I forgot about the most important thing the biggest asset and tool was realizing the wealth and value of myself . You see I had to see my value and the gold in me as an employer who values my worth to his company or business , the amount he pays me as opposed to the amount the company makes from my work. Yes leverage my labor to make a profit yet preserve his time for pleasure. Yes leverage what he pay me to make him more for doing less. Sure it sounds cruel but it is the way of the world and the true system to gain a foot-hole on wealth and freedom. Now that I understand leverage I need to understand myself and my worth as to what I have to leverage with out risk.

There is one thing that pops out at me when I go to the grocery store. Lots of women use coupons, almost every product you see shows some sort of rebate . Gas cards give rebates and discounts and I have a budget for gas grocery , recreation , each month. Even if I use my grocery spending for a month I can see leverage in using coupons and rebates to put aside ten dollars or more each month so I take the time to do this. Wow I have found something to invest and grow now without changing a thing in my life and still enjoying what I do now. OOPs the next question is where can I invest this ten dollars where it can grow . There are plenty places but ten dollars invested every month grows to one hundred and twenty dollars in one year plus whatever interest it has grown while sitting there. This seems small now but as you evaluate yourself and your habits you will find more to leverage than you realized was there .and you to will be stepping up to investor and feeling better about your future.


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